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And I'm back on my computer this time :)


Apart from the sewing its been an eventful afternoon.  I was facing the wall finishing sewing the dress when there's a thump then crying behind me.  Alex dived on Ellie and Ellie bashed her eye against the side and cut open her eye just below her eyebrow.  Think she's going to have a black eye...


Linda love the tree idea - its going to be a very crafty wedding indeed!  You can make a queen of hearts pattern from the one I used for Ellie's dress - loads you can make with it.

Eliza it sounds like your cousin is having to nurse herself :huh:

Liz hope your lunch went well - you're busy with your invites!

Tracey what's on your needles right now?

Towst hope the sorting of your craft area goes well.  I have many dumping grounds but its not due to sickness :ph34r:


Well I suppose I'd better go and de-crease the school uniforms.  I'm a bit behind today having made the dress.  Have a good evening everyone x

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Evening all what a chatty and productive lot you are.


Family all gone home now.  DIL was working today, covering a shift for someone so we didn't see her. I  made a sunday dinner for her so she didn't have to start cooking when she came home.


Lovely sewing and crafty wedding ideas.


Eliza is black bias binding or black material and do you attach it first then joined outlined pieces together.


I got a delivery from Ama**n today a book with some redwork transfers in. I also popped to fabric place today and bought some nice white fabric to iron  transfers on. Will look on eb*y for a good deal on red embroidery threads


Going to have a cuppa and do a bit hooky - making a hexagonal angel blanket in either green and white or pink and white.


Hope all your craftiness continues tonight.


Have a lovely evening


PS Su2ie hope Ellie's eye isn't too bad and heals up quickly

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I've used black fabric cut into strips..joining them first with vetical short strips then I will cut long horizontal lengths.


Have you tried fine red crochet cotton to do red work with..I used it on my red work - which I did in teal.as I like to be different. .was easy as no splitting down to 2 or 3 strands.


Sat knitting here..going to watch call the midwife and then Churchill on plus one.


Be crafty

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 Eliza never thought of that.  The book is a birthday present which isn't until next week so I haven't opened it yet.

Does the cotton you use have a number or just called fine.


Thanks for info on your stained glass window they are lovely.


Bed time for me as my eyes feel a bit heavy.


Goodnight all

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