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Saturday crafting

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Hello. :) Back still grumping, but it's better than yesterday - I even managed my walk better today!


Su2ie, congratulations on your job! :D

Stakreem, hope you and Jade are having lots of crafting fun.

Eliza, hope you found your owl.

Suzy, hope you got all the mending you wanted to do done.

Goose, enjoy hooky, Sophie and the rugby.


I've discovered there's back-to-back Marples on this afternoon, so I've got that and some knitting to keep me company. I've done some more ribbed scarf and I've started a heart from an LK Winter Knits booklet with scandi designs in. I've done the first half and will do the other half after a shoulder break. :)

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Afternoon :)


Well the girls and I hit the charity shops in town (all 2 of them lol) and I came away with some light pink plain cotton curtains which I will make into a dress for Ellie :D The fabric (2 curtains) was only £3.99 and I have a suitable, simple pattern which only cost me £1 second hand last summer so all I've got to do is cut it out and sew it up!  There will be loads of fabric left so I'm sure it will come in useful for something.


Thanks for all the job congrats.  I think its going to be a hectic busy kind of job as there will be deadlines to meet but as its only for 4 hours per day I'm sure I'll cope.


Eliza love Miss Spring and your wreath!

Goose fantastic fairies!

Linda that's a lot of pennants! 

Suzy what a brilliant experience seeing the Flying Scotsman!!!

K&F hope the grumping back improves even more & enjoy Miss Marple B)


Well I'd better finish cutting out this pattern.  Its from a fancy dress multi pattern thingy and I'm doing the nurses costume but making it into a dress/nightdress so she can be Sophie from BFG :P


Bye for now x

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Hi ladies , great to see all the pics s today , sorry I have none to share


Been to visit my eldest daughter and family with my friend who is here till Tuesday , then we had lunch out so it's only macaroni cheese for tea


Dog got another two 2tablets added yesterday, so he is now on 8 a day.think this is the last he can get for his heart condition


Linda hope you enjoy a lovely craft weekend with jade and bless John for helping you both


Eliza lovely spring wreath and fairy, I agree the daffodils would have been too much


Suzy my hubby loved your pics of the flying Scotsman


Su2ie hope the costume making goes well for world book day

Last year niamh went as Katie Morag


K&F your sounding more positive ,get plenty of rest and enjoy your knitting.


Love your angels Denise they could be used for Christmas too

Where can I get the pattern from ?

You are doing a great job for charity


Can anyone suggest how they stay free of threads etc when working with fabric, every time I am sewing I am all bitty afterwards and the lint rollers don't always remove it properly, what do you wear/ use

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Hi CN, we were typing at the same time. Macaroni cheese is my favourite! :P


To stay thread free, I either put a wipeable bit of fabric over my legs (old rain coat for instance) which the threads don't stick to. Or I get covered in thread and remove when I'm finished with Sellotape wrapped once round my fingers - sticky side out - which rotates for multiple uses. :)

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