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Saturday crafting

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Morning all, I. Was up at 6.30, as Jade arrived last night with two boxes full of crafting to do, like bunting to turn in the right way and iron , so I was doing that early.. There is a rubber stamp to stamp on wooden hearts, addresses to write on save the date envelopes.


Denise did you take a pic of your angels , just thought as Tracey had seen them you must of put them on Facebook I will go and have a look.

So glad you found a job Su2ie and part time you can fit in the children.


I hope every one enjoys a crafty day I certainly am going to. Talk later and show you what we have been able to accomplish.

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Morning :)


Linda thank you!  I'll feel much better once I have the job offer in writing and not just the word of the interviewer though.  Hopefully once I start I'll have a bit more me time :lol:  Sounds like you're getting on well with all the wedding crafting :P


Well the girls handed me a school letter this morning about dressing up for world book day.... Next Thursday!!!  Alex is sorted because her theme is traditional tales and one suggestion is Cinderella & she has a Cinderella dress up costume.  Ellie is more difficult as it has to be a character out of a Roald Dhal book & they've only given us 5 books to choose from and it means I've got to go out and buy something or supplies to make something which is going to cost me money.  So annoying!  We think we're going to do Sophie out of BFG but it still means locating a suitable dress...  Argh!


Anyway better sort the girls out.  Alex is so stubborn about going to the toilet on her own and only because she's too lazy to wash her hands afterwards!


Bye for now x

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Well done on the job su2ie.


sounds a very enjoyable wedding crafty day there.


In a hurry this morning as I'm on a hunt for a lost owl, of the wooden type, hubby is going in loft soon so it may beoup there


spring has sprung here.post-483411-0-92087500-1456564988_thumb.jpg you will note I never did the daffodils, thought it had enough on.


got to go, hello to all and enjoy the day

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Good morning, it's chilly here but at last the sun is shining. I'm having a morning doing all the little mending jobs, mainly hems that have come undone and hooks and bars or poppers that need a few stitches.

We took Leah to see a beautiful old lady on Thursday, the magnificent Flyng Scotsman as it came through Newark Northgate station. Scott met us there and when Leah shouted Scott Scott at the top of her voice one lady said 'ahh she knows her trains', we didn't enlighten her that she was shouting her godfather lol.

I thought she would be frightened but she heard the train first and as she steamed through Leah just said nana big train. I didn't get any decent photographs but Scott took some and Lesley plus her boyfriend went further up the line to take some.

Yesterday was the same old work and nanas taxi to and from preschool, Leah has settled well and doesn't want to leave at the end of the session.


Well done with the job Suzie, part time will be good to ease you back into work.

I wish you all the best and you enjoy it. At least you have a bit of time to make a dress up day for Ellie, mine used to give me the letter the night before and expect miricals by the morning.



Wow Linda you do have a busy weekend, you will be meeting yourself coming back as my gran used to say. Is John banished out of the way or does he help you? Enjoy your precious time with Jade.


Love your fairy and wreath Eliza, Lisa is making a wreath and an Easter bonnet for Leah so my craft room is a mess where the has been delving for supplies. I hope you locate your owl, what are you going to do with him/her?


Well done with all you angels Denise, could you send me the details of the angels and the charity please as I have loads of crochet cotton which I could make up. how is your PMR settling? You certainly sound a lot better from the amount of things you are doing now, don't forget to rest though.


Have you finished your extra time at work Tracey? I hope you get some crafty time in.


K&F have a fantastic holiday, it will do you the world of good. I know I don't have to say this but don't overdo it and knock yourself back again.


Sarah I trust you are better from the pneumonia and how are your legs?


Hi Liz I love you ladies, how is your new dog settling?


Has anyone heard from Tina? I've not seen her on here for a while.



Have a good day, here are a couple of photos of the Flyng Scotsman.



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Hi I am having a break and we will shortly be going to the pub for lunch. To answer your question re John, here he is happily working away at poking out the pointed end of the pennants and turning them in the right way, Jade is ironing them and I am cutting the points of the material and threads off ready for turning. Jades future mother-in-law machined 500 pennants, there are about 2,500 to be done to go around the inside of the marquee.


Just going to get ready to go out, then return to wedding crafting.

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Afternoon all you have been chatty this morning.


My shopping is done and I'm just doing a bit hooky until Sophie comes later and of course the rugby is on this afternoon.


Suzy have sent you a pm with info.


Linda its lovely all the personal touches being done for the wedding - makes it a little bit more special. 

Pics of all 64 angels






Eliza love Miss Spring


Hope you all have a good day


Take care



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