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Good morning


Just a quick hello..I'm on my way to make a cuppa. Been awake ages my cousin will be on her way for her op now..she had to be at hospital for 7.00 They have had a bad 18 months first her husband had a massive heart op..then he was knocked over by a reversing taxi on his own drive. The taxi wasnt even for them so hospital and a court case. Just getting over that and she discovered a lump. Not heard her moan once .well except having to be up really early today.


Today I'm going to wave a few baby wipes around and then craft. I have the urge to do Miss Spring and a spring wreath .. with felt flowers. .no idea how to make daffodil but can't be that hard. I may finish my tunic top..do a stained glass patchwork panel and I also could do with making apron..to use when I'm crafting. .oh who knows. .I may do lots today or I may just think about it.


Hope you all have a good day

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Hello. :)


Eliza, hope your cousin's op goes ok. My dad used to make crepe paper flowers and when he did daffodils he'd use a cylinder for the middle with the end fringed, then wrap petals round that he made in one piece (petal shapes on a band). Hope that makes sense. :)


My back is screaming today. I managed my walk, but was in tears by the time I got home it hurt so much. TV, knitting and reading for me the rest of the day.

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Well done K&F you got home with out giving up, one walk at a time, I know you won't give up, that is a gold nugget of information on how your dad made daffodils out of crepe paper. I have taken note.


I must buy baby wipes this week an aid to HW that I shall be waving around soon.


Although when John gets a cloth in his hand he starts wiping down the doors and floor, so I'll wave the baby wipes.


My printable foundation sheets have arrived so going to try them out in the printer, I have machined 2 spiral shapes , pic below. Just got to cut out more material or do spiral machine foundation piecing .


Jade comes to night for a weekend visit haven't seen her since 31st December. So this week end will be drawing her guest tree and other favours.


Must go I am desperate to print out on my foundation fabric. Have a great day be back later.

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Afternoon ladies. I finished my angels yesterday and final total was 64 will take a pic after lunch.


By the sound of things I have started a baby wipe craze  :lol:


Eliza you are so so full of busy your day must go very quickly.


K&F well done on managing your daily trot. Hope the pain eases up soon.


Linda loving the quilt spirals.  Daft question but was are printable sheets for if you have already stitched material together?


Its lunch shortly with a bit knitting after until Sophie is back to play again


Hope you all have a lovely day


Take care

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Oh my goodness Linda they look complicated, how do you fit that into a block, looking forward to the different stages


K&F well done on walk, my hips and lower back are in sympathy with you, I overdone HW as my friend arriving today to stay for 5days and i like to prepare in advance and freeze meals

So painkillers my companion today


Eliza (hugs) to your cousin hope she is ok. Let us know what craft you do today


I have my friend to collect from bus station and old dog to vet this afternoon , think we are going out for meal this evening so that's one less thing to prepare

Right off to clean the bathroom as hubby been unblocking the shower and left everything lying now he is absorbed on another task . Something involving his camera


Have a good day everyone

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To answer your question Denise the printable foundation sheets are to do the machining of material on the lines piecing scraps of material then cutting to shape after each piece. Which is much easier than cutting out each piece of material with a quarter inch seem and a paper template , I did the paper template bit first because I couldn't wait to get started. Now I have the printable foundation I can use that. Pic below.


Liz I have to cut out a triangle of material join it to the shortest piece of material in half of the fan segment( the fan segment I have joined together on the long side). So it really is a half of 2 triangles . That sounds complicated but will shoe you what I mean in pictures. 3halves of a fan section joined by a small triangle gives you a big triangle to join to another big triangle as in the picture.

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