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K&F John says to take the tips of new growth which should of started about now, make sure you cut them just below the two laterals of the main stem which will give you a heel. You must have this heel on the bottom of the cutting which should be about 3 inches long, trim the lower leaves from the bottom, water pots , put them in John nines seed compost , in a 6inch pot , about an inch deep all around the pot. Keep them in 60 degrees farenheight then put outside when warmer weather comes along. Watching the design programme must go.


Go to seedsofeaden.com how to make lavender cuttings. That may be clearer to you than the way I have written it.

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Suzy second pic you posted made me smile. DH is busy painting at the moment and has just asked where's the baby wipes. I sent a message to A**a whose own make they were, don't know if I'll here anything back.


Off to bed now



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