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Evening :)


The walk went well thanks Liz although we all have sore feet now!  Its good to get them into the habit of doing a bit of exercise and when the weather is nice and the scenery nice you can't go wrong!  Glad to hear your fabric finally arrived :D


Have a great evening everyone x

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Got a huge smile off Sophie when she saw me. Had lots of cuddles and play - her mam went to bed as she was really tired. Vietnam is 8 hours ahead of us so it is difficult with time difference to stay awake.


Liz pleased your material arrived.  When Sophie walked into the room she stopped and look all around slowly as if to say am I in the right room. We bought her a bucket chair and footstool from the Ran*e for her birthday and she loved it.


Su2ie you're like Lucy at Attic 24 she loves to go for walks with her children taking in the lovely scenery.


Eliza hope you got your handles. How is your aunt?


Bit more hooky before bed I thin.


Enjoy your evening ladies

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