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Over 100 years old

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When I cleared a drawer out the other week I found this bedspread that had been crocheted in cotton for nanny over a hundred years ago for her and grandpas wedding. Her sisters made it for her and I remember it being said it took over three years to do as the had a wool shop in Newark, Notts and knitted and crocheted clients garments for them. my uncle was born in 1909 followed by my aunt in 1912 and my father as an afterthought in 1916.

When I was given it When I was about 12 and didn't realise the significance of its age and let it soak in an evil brew of bleach and soap powder plus a dolly blue bag but thankfully is ok. I also have a tablecloth from around the same era and a shawl that was knitted for my uncle and passed down to me as a baby.

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It's beautiful and looks in amazing new condition.

Something that should be pasted down a real family heirloom piece.  It might be an idea to write  down the story of it for future family members.


I adore vintage and antique crochet and linens.  I collect them the best ones I use the one that are too damaged I put aside to remake into new items.  I've just been going through some of mine.

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