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What sort of poems inspire you......I have been asked to write a series of poems for someone locally...what inspireS you to read it again? Just want to know what people like to read in a poem..What makes you ponder the contents, or perhaps makes you smile...or even copy it to send to a friend.....


Would love to know your general thoughts as have often put poems on here to do with crafts or the forum in the past........would love Your ideas/thoughts on this....and see what I can do.


Inspire me to write a verse or two

Here is one for all of you.

Baking bread, or painting sea

Or read a verse to you from me.

What is your favourite craft today?

Winning ideas to give away?

Or keeping secrets how to make

That wonderful hat for heavens sake.

Or maybe bags with quilting care

To show us all, your sewing share.

That's all for now, I have to go

To write a verse or two you know..........MARY

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My favourite was Lewis Carroll's Jaberwocky. It's the flow and rhythm of the poem that I like. The words are delightfully nonsensensical but the words used still give you the feel for what is being said. I feel like I know what a vorpal sword is and I've stood in uffish thought many a time :)

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I love Jabberwocky too Towst - I remember reciting it over and over again with my eyes shut on a particularly hairy coach journey along the Turkish coast many years ago!  Even though many of the words are made up you still understand the meaning.

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