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Brainstorming angels

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It looks like my Mum may be in hospital over Christmas.  I'll be visiting her on Christmas Day and thinking it might be nice to take little gifts in for the other patients on the ward who are stuck in over Christmas.  It depends if I'm well enough to make anything, but in case I am I'm doing a bit of a brainstorm.  I think maybe Christmas angels would be nice and wondered if crafty people on here have some ideas?  It would have to be simple and not take much time to make each one, as most of my energy is focused on going to the hospital and recovering in between.  I can't knit or crochet; I can do simple hand sewing as long as it's not intricate.  I think it would need to be something small, sturdy, and that can be easily cleaned. 


I'd love to hear ideas. :)

PS. It doesn't have to be angels, if there's another idea you have. Thanks!

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