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Domino blanket

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Domino knitting is the latest thing I have learnt. You may know it as knitting mitred squares.





This is the first two strips done you pick up and cast on sts as you go





This is where i have picked up the sts





Sts picked up on previous pic now knitted.


Believe it or not its actually a deep turquoise blue  Sirdar Ocean which is like an organza band with soft velvet in a darker colour on the top.

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Looks lovely Denise it is the same as my mitre square cardigan I am crocheting for my sister I have done all the way up the back now in mitred squares from this pic below and joined the hexagon to it, crocheted mitred squares with the multi coloured crofter wool makes it come out like this now I have to do the front and sleeves. But I do like it in the knitted form .

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