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Re: King Cole Pattern 3367 (Boleros, Matinee Coat and Hat)

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Good Morning

I expect this has been asked before but the 4 ply Bolero in the above referenced pattern cites the following:

Dec 1 st at each end of next and following 1 alt row

Now, once I have decreased one stitch at each end of the first row, do I do the same on the second or third row? I assume it to be the third row and that the second row is worked with no decrease.

In addition, the pattern states to slip the remaining stitches onto a thread. Can I just thread the yarn that I have been knitting with or do I need to use a completely separate piece?

Thank you


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Hi Jacqui


Your right about the decreasing - dec 1 st each end of first row, no decreases on 2nd row and dec 1 st at each end on 3rd row.


You need to use a separate piece of yarn to thread through the sts. Best to use a contrast colour eg if you are knitting with a light colour use a dark piece of yarn and vice versa. This will make it easier to see the sts.


Hope this helps 

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