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Last saturday before ....... Christmas

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Morning all. It's bright and sunny for a change and I'm feeling tons better  :)


I'm off shortly to take my sister food shopping then it's back for a lat minute push at getting everything sorted for Christmas.  The gift wrapping will be left until this evening as I think it would be difficult with a certain little person around  :lol:


Hope you all get done what needs to be and you get some me time.


Have a lovely day.  BBL


Take care

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Have a good day Goose and don't overdo it so your back gets it again. Glad you are feeling better again too.

I too will be finishing off a few little bits and bobs, but i do not have the same distraction of little people around to distract me.

I did a quick dash and grab at the shops early and it wasn't too bad, so now i can get my trackies on with my comfy slippers and knit  :) 

It is sunny here also so i will enjoy it while it lasts.

Have a productive day whatever everyone does.


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Hello! :)


Goose, glad you're feeling better. Hope the shopping and wrapping goes well.


Tina, enjoy your knitting afternoon.


I saw a friend of mine this morning I haven't seen since my wedding 2.5 years ago! Was good to catch up. She's a highly intelligent chemist, but can be a bit slow on general life. She asked why I had a stick - erm, I've had one for years! And she made me tea which I don't drink - I've known her about 15 years! :lol:


I'm having to rest after that, so an afternoon of ITV3 films and knitting for me. What a hard life! :lol:


Have a lovely Saturday everyone. :)

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Afternoon Ladies. 😃


Denise - So glad you're feeling better now. Enjoy your day. 😊


Tina - Your day sounds like mine. Relax and enjoy. 😃


K&F - Enjoy your relaxy afternoon too. 😃


Sunny here so far today. Early shopping done. Now it's knitty and relax time for me. With a Christmas film to watch. Will check out what's on TV. Perfect. ðŸ˜


Have a lovely afternoon everyone. x

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Afternoon all, pleased your feeling better Goose, k&f you sound bright, quite funny about your friend, I had a similar one, intelligent but not in everyday life. Bud, I got up had a shower then strsight into sloppy clothes, love it.


my day has not been as restful as I hoped as we suddenly remembered we needed to defrost freezer, could hardly move drawers but it is all done now and I found a nice pork joint I can use christmas day so saves us having to think what can I make, will do it with Christmas lunch things and some stewed apple in there so going to buy some ready made pastry and apple pie for pud, shhhh don't tell anyone, I'm just not interested in this last minute Christmas day that has been thrust on me, want to save my energy for the Saturday when my offspring and grandchildren arrive.


This afternnon I am knitting, determibed to finish my bobble, cable cardigan, bought more wool yesterday in a charity shop, all in hanks and pure wool in differnt peacock shades, so 4 lots in niw to knit up for myself, indulgent but nice, really into knitting again, finding it relaxing. Also bought buttons for my cardigan, hadn't realised how expensive they are now, first ones I liked were £1.25 each and I need 8, picked some at 48p each in the end, next time I will look in a shop near us, sure hers are cheaper than that, but I just liked these as a good match and knew if I left them I wouldn't be abke to find a match,


washing machine just finished so bye for now,

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OMG we have twelve months to get ready. But the last couple of weeks are so rushed.

I hope everyone is keeping well, if not I hope you are feeling better soon.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to.

I have a huge Goulash to make today for my sons Yule party. It always tastes better the day after the herbs have time to come through.

We will need some hot food after standing outside burning the Yule log.

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