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Hello glad to see denise posting again, i have had a busy few days with my visitor

today we went shopping, then, visited my eldest daughter,

this evening we are going out for a meal, then going to pantomine

Were you back at doctor today eliza?

Glad you all seem upbeat, happy birthday to leah tomorrow

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Hello. Cor everyone's busy! :) Hope those feeling poorly are feeling perky again soon. :)


Had a work-at-home day today. Nearly started in my PJs I was in such a state first thing. Have really perked up now and managed two walks this afternoon! :)


I've had another surge on the Christmas card making front. I forgot someone I've since remembered, so one more to do. Might make a flying dash to MILs tomorrow morning, but other than that, not much planned.


Can't wait for The Apprentice tonight - it's the interviews where they get ripped to pieces! :D Have a good evening everyone. :)

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Goose....hope you soon feel better, this batch of colds/flu/bronchitis seem to hit everybody for a 6 or a dozen, a friend of mine who hasn't had a day off work ill in years had to have 3 weeks off work.


Liz, I go see doctor on Friday, not sure what for, maybe just a check up?


my wool I bought yesterday at 10 balls for £10 seen it on sale at 2.99 a ball, so really pleased, still don't know what to knit with it but......


Have to go as timer on oven buzzing.


hope to have a knitty eve, wanting to finish it now.

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