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As part of our November issue, we shed light on crafting throughout the First World War - in honour of this year's centenary, and of course for Remembrance Day. If you've got a family story you'd like to share or if you've made something to commemorate the occasion, whether it's a crochet poppy or a family tree album, we'd love to see.


If you're looking for something to make, our November issue has a gorgeous poppy book by Carolyn Letten...




What have you been making in honour of this year's centenary?

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I have crocheted 3big poppies so far with brooch attachments on the back I hope to do more before November.


My story is my grandad signed up in 1915 and went to France he had his trusty horse only he could ride and his job was to lay telegraph wires near the front line he did this up until 1917 when he was in the field laying his telegraph lines when he was gassed , he was taken to a French canadian hospital and his father received a letter from the ministry saying he could not be visited as he was very very ill. I have the original letter with my ancestry stuff upstairs. Good old Grandad survived this episode and joined his regiment again and in 1918 he was shot in the arm and evacuated back to England he was demobed in 1919 and went to work as a blacksmith and coach driver for a Maharaja who had a big house in Windsor in Berkshire , where he met my grandmother who was in service there.


PS he was in the Royal Signal Corp.

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Thank you both. The pattern for the crochet poppies I got from the lady who started the knit/crochet poppies for the rememberance day in Folkestone. She has asked for 3,000 to put on the fence which runs from the new memorial down The Road of Rememberance to the harbour, in 1914 thousands of men marched down The road of Rememberance to get on a ferry to France. She has had the poppies sent to her from all over the world. It will be a lovely sight seeing all those poppies displayed on the fence.

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