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Stormy Monday

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Morning all :)


Wow we've had a right old stormy weekend with storms forecast all week.  What's it like in the UK?


Anyhow I'm finally recovering from a bad back.  It's just twinging a little.  Being caffeine free not going so well due to DF getting us a new coffee machine.  Need to find some decaff beans as they don't sell them locally.


I've just finished my hand puppet and posted pics on the crochet section.  Have another kitty tale too.  Last night Maisy managed to fish our catfish out of the aquarium (its nearly 3ft deep and has a lid) all in the space of less than 2 minutes while she was left unattended in the dining room/kitchen!  Managed to put the poor fish back in but we think its going to die.  Still can't work out how she managed to do it... :huh: :o


Hope everyone is okay and all those with aches and pains etc are feeling better :)

Have a good day all x

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:P. Good morning Su2ie I am glad you are feeling better. Yes its cold, dull and rainy in Blackpool as well. I have been up hours despite meds and rubs I could not rest, probably through being bent over a table painting small 4"x4" Robin pictures. I tried two in water colour, the last one in Acrylic was far better. Doing a Blue fit today, I have learned my lesson I really don't like watercolour.

Have a great day ladies wherever you are.

Gentle Hugs. June. x

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Chucking it down in Newcastle too and windy  :(  Waiting to see if DIL and Sophie are going to Baby Social today as I take them.


Got a few household chores to do then its a cuppa and some knitting


Su2ie it's amazing what cats can get up to even when you don't expect it. I'll pop over to see your puppet


June enjoy your painting today


Despite the weather hope you all have a good day


Keep dry and warm


Take care

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Hillooo! Back at work today and loooads to do. Got a half day though so I can go to the local CFS group. :)


Su2ie, your naughty kitties! I hope the catfish isn't too traumatised or suffering too much. Maybe put a brick on the lid!

Opal, I prefer acrylics to watercolours too. I did a watercolour course to learn how to do it and the last couple of weeks she did a quick workshop on acrylics and I knew straight away I preferred them.

Goose, it's chucking it down in buckets here too and blowing a gale - what a change from last week!


I've got my chunky jumper on today as it's chilly out. It only just fits under my coat! :lol:  I'm off to the other side of town for my CFS group meeting in a little bit, then home for a rest, then out again this evening to orchestra - I'd better check my valves are alright after a week of no playing while I was on holiday before I set off!


Have a good afternoon all, despite the wild weather (which I love!) :D

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Only just been able to get on here...just kept failing to connect.


Oh the naughty kitty..has it been watching lady and the tramp I'm sure one if the Siamese in that did the same.


I went to docs this morning to collect prescription. .asked about flu jabs. .is your husband here..right both sit down 5 mins later out we came all jabbed. .saves a trip..reason they were quiet lots of cancellations due to weather...dry now but so cold we put heating on when we got back home.


Forget to tell you..my lovely witchy.pumpkin and scarecrow teds...my grandchildren weren't impressed. ..naughty of me but I was pleased as I can keep them..every other toy we have here came out.


Hope all the aches go away...has made me wonder if the age old it's going to rain as my aches have started?


Eating left overs today...stewed steak now a steak pie...some cauliflower left is now cauliflower cheese.


Hope you all get plenty of crafty time. That's what I'm going to do.

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Afternoon :)


Beautiful and sunny here at the moment but I think we're due rain later.  Naughty kitty keeps eying the aquarium.  I was a bit over zealous on my estimation of the tank earlier, its 2 foot deep not three :lol:  But still, its still a way down for her to fish as the catfish prefers the bottom of the tank!  Catfish still holding on to life by a thread, poor thing.


Started an Attic24 bower bird whilst waiting at the school.  Have 8 more rows to go on my scarf too.  Really need to get back to my blanket.


June sounds like you're really enjoying the painting. Hope your aches ease :)

Goose did you get to go to the baby group?

K&F hope all goes well at the CFS group.  I get annoyed when jumpers are too bulky for winter coats too :lol:

Eliza your leftovers sound so yummy!  Glad you both got your jabs :P


Right best go and check on the oven.  Got some chicken portions in for tea.  Will do some cheesy mash for the girls as they're not keen on gravy.


Have a good evening all x

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