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SEPTEMBER SWAPS - to me by September 30th

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I have been a bit busy lately with hospital visiting, and sadly a funeral,

but if it isn't too late I shall take on the September swap for  those interested!!





Fenicia -arrived safely!!



Papercrafts: 2 Toppers or Tags - or 1 of each - MALE (always useful!)



Fenicia -arrived safely!!

Crafty Nannie - arrived safely!!


Image Swap : 5 different, black on white card , OPEN SUBJECT



Fenicia -arrived safely!!

Crafty Nannie - arrived safely!!



All welcome to any or all three Swaps.

Please enclose a Self-Addressed envelope or Label, with stamps for exchange Swap.

Overseas, please enclose crafty bits in lieu of postage!


Players please leave names on a post below,

and message me if you haven't my addy!


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