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Questions on projects from Issues 57 & 58 LGC K&C

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Hi, I just have two questions, if someone knows the answers that would be great.  :)


I tried finding the answers on here.


1)  Can the Bramble Bunny of issue 57 be crocheted instead of knitted?  if so, where can

I get this crochet pattern?  ( I don't have this issue )


2) Can I crochet the Jewellery Display on page 45 of Issue 58 instead of knitting it? If so,

where can I find this pattern?


Please let me know or pls provide a link to elsewhere on here. Thanks!







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Hi Wendy


Unfortunately crochet versions of those two patterns are not available. Sorry I can't be of more assistance this time.


Kind regards,


Elaine Bennett

Deputy Editor

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