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i hardly ever find time to post on here anymore! :( i am so busy with uni work that i only just get time to do any crafting! but i am a bit of a odd one, i start one technique and then something else catches my eye, i have a whole wardrobe full to the bring with beads elastc wires findings beading contraptions spiral makers etc lol.


my latest venture has been with polymer clay because everyout out here seems to make jewellery all looking the same and all selling way too cheap for me to compete!


so heres a few pics of my makes, still a novice so hopefully will impove with time!



Im also looking at just trying a couple of quartz wire wraps but im not sure yet... if any one has any tips or info on that i would really appreciate the words of wisdom!!!




there are two of a fairy house i made, then decided it needed matching earrings! so adorable.
Then there are are owls, pumpkins, elephants, a bird house pendant and a bird pendant....


i like birds and owls can you tell? lol








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