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Amy Adams

Let's Knit Winter Hats Challenge - Closing Date 25 October

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Great hat & mitts, Owlinstitches


Nice autumnal beanies, Aisles, and sweet toddler knits.


Your neice will love that beanie, owlinstutches- especuially with matching mitts!


Good work everyone!

Keep going Su2ie!


Two days to go- Aargh!

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Here are two I have made on different winter themes.


The first is an oversized chunky Bobble knit hat -

a straightforward tube drawn in at the top.

in chunky Winter White using 10mm needles

- and I found a massive button to set it off at the side.


The second - more for glamour than cosiness-

is also a tube, this time in stocking stitch.

I used Sparkly icicle-blue yarn.

with a blue brooch set in the turn-up at the front,

- and  made a scarf to match.



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I have just finished a hat for Imogen, she is rapidly outgrowing all her hats. The picture is not great she doesn't stay still for long these days.


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