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Holly Shackleton

Have you ever sold Christmas cards?

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Last year I made a bunch of cards and wrote my own poems which I printed on a similar colour paper to the exterior and personalized for friends and family, but also made some cards using die cut machine and felt cut flowers etc. also some with various coloured papers and Christmas baubles etc. and various embellishments for Christmas, cost around .20p each to make and gave a stack of them in their own cellophane bags to a charity in town.....and suggested they put £1 on them......they were quickly made and full of bright colour.......this year I hope to make cards using lots of tiny off cuts from my patchwork cutting out pieces and see if I can come up with something a bit different......using glitter and tiny beads, whatever I can find....cost.......(well it would just be a bit of glue, the odds and sods...and cards from Works which are approximately .10p each). White will do as the colour on the card will work ok. with that on Christmas  so many colours can be used and a bit of line work drawn and not too much time involved could be quite a fast way to make a stack of them...Just an idea at the moment.  Something for you to springboard from with your own ideas maybe.

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I have made cards for many years only I didn't make any last year.


I use mine to send out to people and I also sell them at craft fairs. I use a mix of paper craft, sewing, beading/sequins and buttons.


When pricing a card I work out what it cost to make ie materials, time and skill level it took to make. I also have to take into consideration any and all fee's such as Craft fair table cost, travel to and from venue and of course profit margin.

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