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Holly Shackleton

Have you ever sold Christmas cards?

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Hi ladies,


If you've ever sold Christmas cards, I want to hear from you! 


What did they cost to make?

How much did you charge for them?

Where did you sell them?

Do you have any tips for crafters new to selling?


Share your experiences for a chance to appear in CB!


Holly  :)

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I made and sold some christmas cards last year.

They cost to make between 75p - £1.00. (including: card, envelope, cellophane bag, fixings (glue, tape, foam pads) stamp, ink, pencil/pen (colouring in materials), backing papers, gems (decoration/ finishing touches), time for making them. 

I sold them for £1.00 to £1.50p. 

Each card came in a cellophane bag (helps with presentation) and for ease I had a theme last year.

The few that I sold was at an open evening held locally.

Looking to do the same this year at a christmas fayre, which means I will seriously need to start thinking about designs soon.

Tips: Consider variety in terms of size of card, type of decoration/image, personalisation of cards, colour co-ordination.  Obtain feedback as to what works and what doesn't from impartial people.  Have plenty of stock available if you are attending an event with your creations.  Think about what/how you will produce further creations if asked and if asked at short notice. 


I may come back with more.....

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I to, have sold Christmas cards.  My Christmas Snowmen sketch.


One of my customers bought a pack, and she told someone else, who told someone else, and so on.  Even my Mother-in-Law buys my hand drawn cards twice a year.  Folks pay me using Paypal.


The cost to make one of my cards is roughly about $1.75 and I have sold packs of four cards with my Christmas Snowmen design for $8.50/pack. I always include a couple of extra envelopes in case the customer needs them. I used Avery regular cardstock notecard blanks to print my card designs on (4 ½†X 5 ½â€). 


I have an Etsy shop and I hope to put some packs of my cards up for sale this Christmas season as well.


People liked my hand drawn sketches.  I used Prismacolor Pencils for the color. I am working on more hand drawn designs for Christmas. 

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I've thought about selling my cards before but have yet to try it.  I think it's very hard to make much profit with card making, as people generally aren't willing to pay much for a card, even if it's handmade.  There is an elderly couple at a car boot sale we go to who sell their handmade cards.  The cards are amazing, very skillfully made and great quality, but they hardly sell any.  It seems such a shame.  If I didn't prefer to make my own, I'd definitely buy their cards!


I remember reading an article in a craft magazine a few years ago.  The advice was to calculate how much it cost to make the card, triple it, then triple it again.  So if it cost 20 pence to make, you'd triple it to 60 pence, then triple that to £1.80. 

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I make all of the office Christmas cards - some 300+!!!!!  They are A5 size (ie made from A4 card) Cost to make varies, but I sell for around the £1.50 mark due to the quantity involved and send all profits to VIVA (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals)

It's a tough task, but I just keep thinking of the good the profit is doing!

I also sell one off personalised Christmas cards to friends and to the girls in the office. I usually charge £2 each for these, and again all profits go to Viva.

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