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Thanks Louise.......no idea what is happening....Just clicked on the highlighted items on my (few postings ago IDEAS which was printed double underlined in orange and took me to an American advertisement site advertising to work from home....The other word that was also highlighted in orange and double underlined  took me to a site called Claires Accessorize on Ask Jeeves......mystery......never happened before. Hope no one is trying to hijack the site.........any ideas?   Must go now as waiting for family.....but will check back tomorrow sometime to see if anyone has any answers.

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Hi Mary,


If appears you may have download some software on your machine that is adding these links to websites you visit. It's porbably worth going onto a few other sites (such as newspaper websites) to check it they are appearing on there too.


This is generally as a result of installing some free software onto your computer, and they add this is also to generate income. Have you instaled any new software or maybe plugins on you browser?


Please let us know,



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