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WIP/UFO Confessional!

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I have 2 quilts half done, but not officially declaring those but I will confess to a waistcoat for Jade that has a back done to the raglan yoke just 2 fronts and a yoke to do.


I feel very refreshed with all this confessing. :P

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I think i should show my OH this run of lists, just to prove how little i do!

You are all slightly mad (as am I :wacko: ), but i cannot confess to having as many WIP's as you lot he he!!!

I have:

one half side of a breton style jumper knitted

three quarters of a shrug/cardigan done

t-shirt material all ready for me to get a 12mm hook to make a rug or basket (or both if ive done enough), um, yep thats it!

It seems very little compared to everyone else.

Can i include HW in my WIP list? It always seems half done whenever i go to do it AGAIN! :angry:

Anyway. just finished a Amish puzzle ball. So chuffed with it too. Didnt think it would work out.

Keep up the good work people.

Crafting keeps us out of trouble............................ :P


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I haven't been at this knitting and crochet lark for very long so don't have much in progress.


I did take apart the second sidney owl as I didn't like his wings.  I am on my 7th attempt at making the first wing correctly and should get this finished (again) soon.  I have made up a pattern for my draught excluder but thats the only thing on going at the moment.  I'm quite good at starting and finishing an item.  I must have less storage space then every one else.


Great thread. Can't wait to see all the finished projects.  Are you going to keep all the finished items or maybe donating them somewhere?  

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