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Paul Macey

NEW FORUM: Problems, Bugs UPDATE - Happy? Sad? Tell us what you think!

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Hi All,


As you may have noticed we've all moved to this brand new, state of the art, forum software and a shiny, shiny, new, faster server for the benefit of you, our lovely crafty community.


We've done this for several reasons, some conceptual and some technical. Starting with the conceptual, we've now become known as the HomeCraft Forums, it's own separate entity. Before, the forums were attached to Crafts Beautiful magazine, as it was part of that site - but where you guys have been busy posting, crafting, knitting, sewing, quilting, and generally growing at a huge rate - we thought it best to create your own standalone part of the internet!


In terms of technical, our old forum software just wasn't cutting it any more! It couldn't handle the amount of members the forums had registered, and on top of that, we were fighting a constant battle against spam every day! We just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who helped us in that battle, especially to the moderators who keep this place the cosy, pleasant place to come and be a community, and to all those who reported posts as and when they appeared!


So, the new software, not only bans spammers automatically when they register, but also is optimised to handle all of you fantastic people - whilst running on a server that can perform brilliantly under pressure to give you all a better experience.


That being said, there's always teething problems when change happens, and we've been squashing bugs left, right and centre. So I would like to use this thread to create a central place to report problems as and when they are spotted, and to keep you all updated on progress fixing existing problems.


So without further ado - here are the issues we have seen so far:

  • First posts missing from threads: This should now be sorted - the order was slightly off - please reply to this post if you are still seeing issues with this


  • Topic / Thread sort order: Currently, when you view categories (like http://www.homecraftforums.com/forum/2-general-chit-chat/) the newest threads are not displayed by default, instead the oldest threads are. To work around this please click the RECENTLY UPDATED or START DATE buttons at the top of the page. I'm working out a way of fixing this permanently.


    EDIT: This should now be sorted!


  • Spam: - There are some spam posts appearing on the site. Please see below for an explanation. Please report any that you see and the wonderful moderators and other admins will clean them up and ban the members - see this post for details: http://www.homecraftforums.com/topic/48241-spam/?do=findComment&comment=765927


  • PMs: I understand a few members are having trouble with using the new PM system. Please refer to this page for help http://www.homecraftforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=help and click on the Personal Messenger section


    EDIT: I have just increased PM capacity to 150 storable PMs!


  • PMs: I've seen that the PM button (the little envelope at the top of the screen) isn't appearing for some people. If you're using a computer please press CTRL + F5 to refresh the page just to make sure it isn't a weird caching problem. If that doesn't work, please PM your computer / tablet details to me and I'll see if I can work out what's happening.


  • iPads: There's a few issues with the header navigation on mobile devices. We're aiming to get this fixed as a priority.


  • Font size in posts: Some users have reported that is too small to read comfortably. I will be increasing this shortly and will update you all when done. I have increased the font size and changed it to a sans-serif font for easier readability!


  • Smileys on iPads and other mobile devices: We're sorry, but the advanced editor (which features smileys etc) doesn't currently work on some mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. We're looking to get this resolved as soon as possible, but it may take some time as it needs fixing at the software end - so we may have to wait for a new version to be released.


  • Avatars: A small amount users have reported their avatars are missing. We have imported and added all the previous ones we can. If anyone doesn't have their already on their profile, we're sorry but you'll have to re-add it please. The same goes for signatures - sorry for any inconvenience!


  • Adding Images: We've seen some reports that users can't upload images - please could you let us know where exactly this is happening - is it simply the ability to do it doesn't appear?



Apologies, that's a lot to read, but please reply with any issues you encounter here and I'll add them to the list!


Thank you everyone for being patient with us, and we sincerely hope that you all enjoy the new forum.



We all think you are doing a magnificent job and hope we are not giving you too many headaches with what may appear basic questions.......thank you. I am the "mad poet" by the way :wub: :) :ph34r:

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I haven't tried photos yet.  But will do in the next day or so. still can't see notifications or the messenger envelope but as I use a work computer don't think there is anything that can be done on that ;-).  I know where to look so will just check each time i log in. 


Are spam posts being caught before getting to the forum?  Just wondered as when I signed in this morning there were what looked like spam posts on some of the boards so I logged straight out again.  (Scared of spam).   Is there anyway that a new user when they join could have to have each post the submit initially moderated and approved to appear on the forum.  Say first 10 -15 posts.  That would stop the spam getting through. 

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I cannot upload photos I have the browse and attach this file, I browse and open photo on my computer then click attach this file ( which is 188kb) and I get error this upload failed.



What should I be doing?

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