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3 inch booklet tutorial using one 12 x 12 sheet of paper

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Some of you showed interest in my mini booklet

or granny brag book make from one sheet of 12 x 12 paper.

I have made another but taken photos along the way.



one 12 x 12 sheet of paper

one covering card 9 x 21 cms


bone folder

double sided tape or washi tape

closure of choice - I used a magnetic clasp


Pic 1. start by folding your paper in half, then fold in again to the middle on both sides

Turn through 90 degrees and fold in half again and both halves into the middle again.

This should give you pic 2, with papaer folded into 16 equal squares.

Pic 3 gives the cutting lines clearly marked in biro.

Pic 4 shows how it looks when those cuts have been made - knife or scissors - your choice.

Pic 5 fold paper in half with right sides showing

Pic 6 first concertina fold - in the photo take the full pink balloon over to the right but only the top layer.

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pic 7 continue concertina folding until your paper looks like this.

pic 8 squeeze up all your folds and you will get the beginnings of your little book.

Some of the pages have open edges.

You can close those open edges either with double sided tape inside the openings

or with washi tape over the open edges and make a decorative feature of it.

Pic 9 Take your 9 x 21 cm card cover.

Score at 8, 9, 17 and 18 cms and fold over with bone folder.

Pic 10 You will now have assembled items as shown.

pic 11 and 12 Fix book section inside cover with double sided tape

on both front and back covers inside.













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Thanks Kate, I may have to try this, I can't believe it only takes 1 sheet of 12 x 12 and a cover! You could use them as ideas books or mini porfolios too if you are doing a class or something. Would also make a lovely present on a budget.

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It really is very quick and effective

and each one looks different depending on the papers and civer you choose.

I hope you find time to have a go Robyn.

Laverne, - glad you found it worked well too. :-)

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