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Wedding Invitations

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Last year I was maid of honor at a friends wedding (mega crafting duties!) and made her invites similar to that in the example that you have given. We made smaller versions - so that you could make two pockets from an A3 sheet of colored card. It fitted into a C6 envelope. We then printed out the sheets for the inside and used sticky dots to fix some white ribbon to the back. When the pocket was closed the ribbon was tied and that was the invite :) Ive attached one below.


If you want to make one the size that you have posted (as they are quite large) your looking at an A3 sheet of card per an invite.


Hand making invites I a nice touch, but tis worth remember that you will spend alot of time doing it, and its easy to get bored and then they can start getting sloppy! I would recommend getting the inserts printed professionally - home printing never has the quality and can ruin the look once you have spent so long on lovely pocket folds :)


Im making my own invites for my wedding in September. Ill either be making an embossed card, or a card with my own die-cut design.


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If you're still looking for blank premade wallet/folder invitations that you decorate yourself, then I know somewhere who does them and very reasonable.  Not sure if links are allowed but if you type Fuschia Fairy into your search engine then the website should be top of the list.
Hope that helps.



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