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Relaxing Sunday

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Morning All.


Well everything Christmassy is done here. Prezzies wrapped, shopping done etc etc.


As for today...yes you've guessed it :-) .....knitting and cuppa's for me. The kettle's on as we speak!!! Hee Hee. :lol: :lol:

And possibly some tv later if there are any good films on. :)


Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing Sunday.

Catch you later.


Take Care.

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sounds a good sunday to me


ive got cleaning to do but we are not expecting people for xmas but i want clean clothes and sheets lol


i hope to do more of my sock today if i have the rest of the instructions right

depending on my partner and his work means if i am catching the train in the morning or not...i kinda hope not but we shall see


right to chill online before cleaning madness begins

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Morning Tracy,

Dare I say it, the sun is out this morning and it is very mild. I feel so sorry for the people around the country that have been flooded, they won't have a very happy Christmas.


It's a cooking day for me, I want to make some cakes and sausage rolls, I have already made my puff pastry. I also need to do some ironing now I have found my tablecloth and napkins.


Have a good day.

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No relaxing for me! Off to collect my sister from the airport later :cheese: Trouble is the house is even more upside down now as DF's idea of tidying up always means the place gets even more disrupted so it actually looks worse now than it did before he started!!!! :roll:


Tracey how did you manage to wrap pressies with all the knitting and tea drinking going on? :lol:

Jennie good luck with the sock (forget the HW!) - will be great to see a pic! :-)


Suzy my cousin lives in Cornwall and has been giving regular updates on FB although her advice is not to buy a home in an area prone to flooding! You've just reminded me I need to find the table cloth too...


Right gotta get on - I'm soooooo excited!!! Can't wait to see my big sister :cheese:

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Morning all. What a chatty lot you are.


It's lovely and sunny here too. My first lot of washing is dry and the towels and have just gone out and a third lot into the washer. It's stacked up a bit. Need to take advantage of the sunny weather as rain is due again around 5 o clock.


Finished my second yo yo scarf last night and have uploaded a pic on crochet thread. Think I'll be doing more squares today until I decide what's next - another yo yo scarf or something else %-P


It's a relaxing day for me too as the de-creasing will have to wait and DH is doing sunday dinner as usual.


Enjoy your cuppas and knitting today or whatever you have planned


Take care

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I haven't touched my knitting today yet I have been messing about in the kitchen, I made some carrot cakes which need frosting and I made some little sugar paste carrots with their green tops to decorate them. I also made some more holly leaves and some paste flowers. I find it therap playing with sugar paste It calms me down while I concentrate on what I am doing.


I'm sorry about my rant yesterday it is just that where I live people buy so much food that by new year the foxes are fed up with turkey being put out for them and the birds are so bloated from the amount of bread wasted. I had been talking to one of our councilors who helps run the food bank near here, there are people who walk over 10 miles to go to them.


Suzie- I hope you have a great time with your sister, the airport must be your second home. It sounds familiar about tidying up Tony used to move the mess around and not actually clear it up.


Jennie I'm sorry I didn't say good morning to you we must have been posting at the same time. I wish you a safe journey.


Goose I hope you managed to get your washing dry, it was sunny here but also very damp so any washing put out would come in damp.

Have a good evening

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