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Another beanie with a flower :))

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Sorry you'll all get fed up with me soon with all these beanies :lol:

I just made this one this evening & I've got a flower loom too, so made a little flower K attached to the hat :)

Do you think the flower added looks good? If so ill add to the others for the girls :)

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Oh now the flower really sets it off! Lovely :-)


I have a question - I just used my 36 peg loom to make a hat for my nearly 6 year old and it's too small, more toddler size. I can't decide if the problem comes from my chunky wool being a bit on the thinner side of chunky or if I need to use the loom I would use for an adult hat? What do you think (as I think you are quite the expert here on loom hats ;-P )?

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