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Sunny Saturday

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Wow the sun is actually shining here!


Morning everyone :-)


Didn't get chance to post again yesterday, had one of those manic days and was on Skype for ages to my parents then the evening was just so full too as I did some more to my Christmas Challenge. Not sure how good it is but I'm having fun with colours :)


Anyhow need to pop to the shops today for a few bits and pieces and hopefully DF will buy me my template today for my website. I've got my domain name and web hosting so once I've got the template I can get to work on it. It's been sooooo difficult choosing a theme because they all seem so dark and business like!


Right best go for a shower soon and get the girls ready to go out.

Have a good day folks xx

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Morning all. It's nice and sunny here too so the washer is full.


Going shopping shortly then when I come back I too need to work on my Christmas Challenge.


Your website sounds interesting Su2ie is this going to be like a blog or are you selling things (hope you don't mind me asking)


Have a lovely day everyone


Take care

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morning Susie/Goose

A new website ooh how exciting.. What is it going to be about?


Busy morning for me already... Washing, Ironing, shopping, cleaning.. 5 min sit down..(not relaxing with 2 kids running wild)..


Hopefully we can take the kids out after Maty's nap to run off some energy.....


Going to try casting on for some socks later... Just need to make 2 balls from one so I can do 2AAT.. It's the only way I can assure both socks are the same!! Ha..



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Good Morning,

I have just fetched my new car after being given the all clear to drive again. I have a Volkswagon Polo Blue Motion, it is a nice medium sized very economic (83 miles to the gallon) and very green car. It is zero rated for car tax which is very welcome. So I am having a coffee and then going for a drive to get used to the gears and performance.

Yesterday I managed to do the back of a baby cardigan with cables, it seemed to take ages but then again everything takes me ages to do now. No dashing around anymore and certainly no stress, they think my life in the very fast lane and preassure at work contributed to the stroke. I have started to do a few accounts for small businesses but deffinately will not deal with large firms or bancruptcies again.

It is more like a spring day than autumn here in Notts, I don't know if it is a true reading but the thermometer in the conservatory is showing 82 deg F. The problem is I get cosy in here and then don't want to do anything especially if it is a physio day, two hours physio twice a week wears me out and all I do afterwards is rest.

Have a good day.

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It sunny here as well, very cold though.


I had a lovely chilled morning in bed today after run around looking after both hubby and abi yesterday i needed it. Not much planned for today just a quiet day in the house. Hubby is cleaning and cooking lunch so i am going to relax with my knitting while Abi does some colouring on the floor. I took part in a shawl swap on Ravelry and it is opening day today so i know have a lovely squishy new shawl to snuggle. I am also taking part in a baby hat swap, have just been told who i am knitting for so i need to start hunting through patterns and yarn. So glad the second trimester has kicked in and i havent felt sick for almost two weeks now yippee it means i can knit again.


Michelle wow 20 miles a week school run yikes.

Su2ie i am looking forward to seeing your Christmas piece, i havent started mine yet.

Goose Enjoy the shops in the sunshine.

Suzy Your car sounds great have fun getting used to it.

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Me again!


Website wise the template is for a normal website with a blog attached. I do plan to sell stuff but link to somewhere like Etsy or Folksy as it would appear I can only have the shopping basket option if I get a website I have to code - all very confusing plus expensive and I don't have time to learn how to code! It's just going to be crafty stuff and maybe I can use it for if I ever get anything done with these books I write :)


Just put some washing out here and it does feel springlike :cheese:


Goose have fun & looking forward to seeing your Challenge piece.

Michelle know what you mean about kiddies and energy - hope you do manage to get your feet up.

Suzy how exciting with the car! Have fun - sounds like its a lovely day to go for a drive.


Right back to my cuppa and think about the rest of the day :)

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