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Arne & Carlos' 'Sissel' doll

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Thanks Marie. :-) She's now the proud owner of a beautiful little polo-neck jumper in pale pink, as well as her deep pink dress. I'm making her a 2nd hair band to match the jumper with the left-over yarn. :)


OH's doll Siv is not going so well. Poor thing started off with a lovely pair of legs he then managed to join so that one leg faced backwards! :lol: I finally talked him into frogging back and turning it round the right way. Now - and don't ask me how he managed this - the poor thing has crotch shaping on her right hip, so I reckon he made 2 left legs! :roll: I think she's destined to be a bit special needs - maybe I'll knit her a stick to match mine! ;-P

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