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(Be)Twixt & (Be)Tween Tuesday

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It has been lovely here, took Abi out this morning before it got too hot for her. Done 3 loads of washing, all the hw and made pie, so i am shattered now but have managed to find some energy to putthe wedding pictures up on facebook feel free to add me ladies. Hubby has taken Abi to see his gran as it is her birthday 91 today now that is an impressive age, he is going to show her the wedding pictures because she was not well enough to make it on the day.


Goose glad your oh is on the mend

K&F boo hiss at your internet, it is boiling here as well.

Dee i know what you mean about before kids i used to run on so little sleep and now i need at least my 8 hours.


Had better get my bag sorted for knitty group tonight

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Hiya everyone...

Cor the weather is lovely...


been busy in the paddling pool with the kids cooling off this past couple of days... Before that Maty has been really poorly with chicken pox for about a week poor thing.. he is a lot better now but just covered in scabs... urg..


Missing my hubby but we should see him Friday.. moving in date.. yay..



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Dana just sent you a FB friend request.


Michelle think I could have done with a paddling pool today :lol:


Dee its good you found the mistake in your knitting when you did.


Its soaps and some crochet for me tonight and lots of cold drinks. Enjoy your evening ladies

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