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Mistress Pimperella

I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

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It's been a bit odd since Monday. Midnight on Monday 20th was the closing date for the photos to be in. Since then I have felt like a huge part of me is missing lol. I know it seems odd, but the dress really took over my life for the past month! Hubby put my machine away and told me I needed to rest and catch up on some sleep. I really needed it, I have slept like a log first few days lol


Now all I can do is wait now. The winner will be announced on the 31st of August on the Sewing Directory and Abakhan websites. I'm going to be stuck at the PC that morning, on pins lol


I did get my machine back out on Thursday. Finished the binding I was putting on a skirt I had made. I've now decided it's missing something so I have popped it to one side while I think and got the shirt out I was part way through for my Husband. Sleeves need sewing on, sides sewing together and then hemming up the bottom. Then putting on Buttons.


I do get a bit obsessive about stitching. I hate it if my line goes off and have been known to pick it all out and start again. It's mainly down to my Autistic brain just not accepting it and I can't settle if I don't get it right (I cried a few times making the dress lol).


The Cotton Lawn Floral Fabric is available on the Abakhan website. I was surprised when it came cause it is just soooo soft and floaty. That made it even better for my niece as she has a contact allergy as in if her clothes rub against her or is too tight on her skin, she blisters. So when making anything for her I have to take that into consideration, and things like French seams and hidden hems also mean that it doesn't irritate her and cause her to scratch.


Tho the other day, I did feel kinda special when my niece nagged to speak to me on the phone (she's only 2 and a half)


Jenny: 'Auntie Waura. Can I have a Dress Please?'


'Yes Princess, What Dress would you like?


Jenny: Erm, Tinkerbell. PinkiePie. and a PIRATE DRESS!!!!'


Do you want to write a list with Mummy?


Jenny: 'Yes! Thank you Auntie Waura!'



Made me feel really good inside that she has so much confidence in me to make her lots more dresses and Costumes lol

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