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Issue 34 project query

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I was going back through Issue 34 (Feb) and looking at page 59, Deborah Millsop's mutlistrand necklace, I realised that I can't read how many beads are needed as its printed in grey on a grey part of the photo. Can anyone at CB Towers elucidate please? (I know they are on their Easter break at the moment but if I don't post it while I remember....:lol:).


Obviously I can count the big square beads, but need to know how many of the 4mm cubes I would need. I really would like to have a go at this one, so would be grateful if anyone can help.

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Oops Naughty PP :down: you can tell me off if you like, for forgetting :shut:


OMW! I see what you mean! It's something miyuki something mixed purple something 65 :blank:

I'll contact HQ I think & see if they can ask the designer :lol:

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