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More Christmas Gift Knitting (and a warning)

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After only last week pledging to myself to get more organised and start on some of the planned projects I have for my stash, I went and bought more wool........


I knitted a pair of mittens to go in my Secret Santa at work and they were so quick and easy (I wish now that I'd done some for the LK Secret Santa but it's too late - apologies to my recipient) but lovely that I thought I'd make some for my sister and her fella. I wanted to use Fyberspates Scrumptious but my LYS didn't have any; I've ended up with King Cole mirage which is almost as lovely and a fraction of the price!


I then saw King Cole Galaxy on the shelf next to the Mirage, in colours that would tone beautifully with the Mirage........


I very soon found myself the owner of several balls of each and a plan to make mittens with matching scarf and hat in a colourful mix of yarns (but don't worry, I won't be using making anything with sequins on for man :lol: at least not for him to wear on the building site).


I'll post a pic later of the mittens but meanwhile, the warning: Galaxy is a nightmare on metal DPNs! Its so slippery, I lost count of the number of times one of the non-working needles just slid out of the stitches! I strongly suggest if you are going to use Galaxy in the round, then use bamboo or wood.


Victoria x

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