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Web Talk & "Real" Life.....

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I was just wondering if any one uses web talk in real life either intentionally or by mistake? I was speaking in person to a woman the other day and she said "OMG" instead of oh my goodness/god and I was taken aback :lol: I've also caught myself referring to my fella as my DF and received a few bewildered looks and referred to ironing as decreasing :red:


I'd love to know if other people have experienced this :cheese:

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No I don't.. A pet hate...


When I was working (I mean paid employment another life time ago) I received an application using text speak instead of the proper words ie gr8, u etc... They didn't get an interview...


be interesting to see how long these words take to part of the Oxford English dictionary... It's strange to read letters from hundreds of years ago and how words have changed!!!

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