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Issue 35 - Star topper problem!

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Your welcome, Yes thats the one on page 38....Ive just made the one on page 12 and its 5cm wide from point to point not really that big,


Here's what i did.


magic circle 10 dc's into circle,


round 2, ch2 and work 1tr into same space as ch2, ch2, and slip stitch into the second ch from hook, (as you would if you were crocheting straight) this gives the point, Then work 1 tr into next dc ( i sl-st into the next dc to get the working yarn in place for that tr) ch2 and then sl-st into that same dc again, You'll then see that youve made your first point.


Hope this makes sense...You then repeat this around and youll see you get the star below,


If your still stuck please let me know


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Not only have I made the star for the tree, I've also managed to make one in green for the robin's head (my next project)!


Thank you so much for all of your help, Marie - I've written down your instructions for both stars :-)

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