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Surprise Saturday..

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An early morning from me...boohoo.

Maty seems to know when I've had a late night and need extra sleep so he wakes early!


It's a surprise Saturday (well should really be Friday) as I had a surprise visit from my sister yesterday.. She was waiting for me when we returned from the doctors - ooh it's so lovely to see her.. Got a whole weekend...


Still having problems with my iPad sometimes working and other times not- hubby home now so he will have to examine it...


not sure of our plans today as weather set to be lovely... Will try and get some more sleep!!!!

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Morning Michelle ... Morning all ....


Had a bit of a grotty night but had to get up as I've got needles this morning & my appt is earlier than usual as Mr Needles is going on holiday & needs to fit loads of appts in .... I'd be in pain if I left until he gets back so early appt it is .....


I think I'll give the lloyd loom panel on the headboard another coat ..... It looks ok but not quite good enough now the paint has dried thoroughly ...


Then it will be back to my needles ...


Mr B has a triathlon tomorrow & fortunately as it's a team one & he's on the last leg he won't have to be up quite so early .....


Michelle - What a lovely surprise to have your sister for the weekend ... Enjoy :-)


Right off to get some brekkie ..... See you later everyone :-)

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Morning Ladies... Overcast here this morning.... The boys are watching an animation film called flushed away :roll: Have tidyied up this morning, but OH is asleep so will save the rest once he is up.... Planning to take the boys on a nature walk to see the reindeers, and give them some lunch ;-) ..


Started a beret in snuggly DK for a 0-6mth baby... Plan is to do a few bits for her... plus I love doing little newborn GIRL clothes :-(


Michelle - Hope you got back to sleep? Aaaahhh lovely seeing your sis..


Buzy- Take it easy then missy.... Have a lovely day

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Afternoon all,


Been zipping around shopping (inc. wool shopping!) just having lunch, then off to collect bike (hopefully) then HW (bleugh).


Michelle how wonderful to have your sis over!

Buzy hope the needles help x

Fi oooooo new wool!

Goose just think how great you will feel completing those FO's!


Right best get on ....

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Well have quite a bit to do today but won't get much done as my mum is coming to see me although realised when I bought wool the other day was about a ball short so got my mum going to get me another one on her way to mine.


Have the lining for a bag to cut and sew up and then sew into the bag for both the competitions that are running (although realise I have missed one).


Foster dog that has come back has come with behavioural problems of continual barking, but am winning on that as he has not barked as much today as he has been doing when in the garden, the reason he came back was because he was supposed to be messing in the house but he has been back since Tuesday morning and have had no accidents off him even during the night.


Buzy hope the appt goes well

Michelle enjoy your visit with your sister

Goose hope it does not take too long to sew up your FO's

Fi isn't it just great when you get new wool as you want to start that project now


Ok off to see to HW that needs doing before my mum gets here lol

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