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Emily Davies

LGC32 Pattern Correction: Tea Cosy

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Hi everyone!


I just wanted to let you know about a pattern correction that has come to our attention.

In Let's Get Crafting 32 on page 36 there is an error in the tea cosy pattern.


Shape Top

Row 1: (k3, k2tog) rep to end of row

Row 2-4: As Row 1

This should read work 3 more rows

This means that you would continue working in stocking stitch without decreasing.

Continue from Row 5 in the magazine as stated.


You will also need to sew both sides from the Cast On edge to just above the double rib, not the Cast Off edge as stated.


Apologies for that!


Enjoy your knitting!

Emily :)

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Thanks for that although ive already made the tea cosy and i had thought it was a bit wierd as i have 2 gst rows but its hidden by the flowers anyway...im just finishing it off and ill post up the pics

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i just got to this row and ended up working p3 p2tog, k3 k2tog until i realised i had too little stitches. oh well, it gives me more practise ripping back and correcting my mistakes :)

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