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Bamboo cotton t-shirt

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Argghhh! I'm out of love with knitting this week! :ahhh:


I've been making a long-line T-shirt (with lacy sleeves and hem) in a lovely soft bamboo/cotton yarn. It's been a bit boring but I've been looking forward to the finished thing. So on Sunday night I put in the finishing stitch to sew it up, tried it on and....


ITS WAY TOO LONG! It would be fine with thick tights or leggings as a very short dress! Trouble is, it's very summery so I wouldn't wear it with thick tights/leggings.


So I've unpicked it and am shortening it by four inches. I am hating doing it but I want to wear it and it's the only way it will happen. Wish me luck. I'll put a photo on when I've finished it.


There, that's better :) I know you'll understand the frustration and it's helped to be able to share it.


I think what happened is that I was between sizes, so I opted for the bigger one. I've then lost a couple of pounds, not much at all but coupled with the rounding up of the size it's meant that the extra width isn't needed; the way the yarn drapes and it's quite heavy means that it tends to hang longer. Sigh.


Hey ho!




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