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A tip for Beadalon Spiral Makers

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Hello All :)


I had a 'Eureka' moment a few days ago and wanted to share it with you. Whilst trying out my new Beadalon Spiral Maker I ran into a problem with the spiral coiling up on itself because of the twisted wire around the pegs making the 'lid' uneven....then inspiration struck.


Instead of wrapping an off-cut of wire around each peg, I put a jump ring over each peg made of the same gauge wire as the one I wanted to make the spiral from. This keeps the top plate even and prevents the spiral ‘bunching up’ as you turn the handle.


I've added a photo to show you exactly what I mean - I hope this helps :).

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Hi CS,

I havent' got one of these but thought I'd comment to bump it up the forum, someone who uses this may well be interested but not have spotted the post :) xx


Thanks :). I love sharing these little tips that are born of frustration so I can hopefully save someone else the stress (did you know that the spiral maker also flies? ROFL).

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