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Should schools teach knitting?

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Like Buzy I was taught knitting at school and like Buzy my mum had already taught me the basics. I went to a convent school in Rhodesia (Harare) and knitted a gonk ! Buzy do you remember these ? I was so proud of it...the nun was called Sister Toffee...obviously a nickname but I don't know why. She was lovely..all the other nuns were really stern and strict. Hey am I writing a book here? Soz got carried away :lol:

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Knitting should definitely be taught in schools. So many people say to me "oh I wish I could knit like you." I was fortunate enough to be taught by my mum and nan but not everyone has a mum or nan who can teach them. Once you have the skill it can never taken away (even if you get a bit rusty!).


Annie, I remember gonks! We used to make them out of any old fabric as well as knitting them and they always had pipe-cleaner legs and arms and sometimes we'd knit simple skirts or scarves for them. They were such fun :-) I might have to revive the gonk tradition. In fact what about a "gonk challenge" on here at some point later in the year? I think I would make a pair, called Buster and Stash :roll: :-)


Hey, now I'm the one getting carried away!


All the best

Victoria x

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