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May Day Monday

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Morning Everyone


Well I should really be going to bed (it's 01:20!!!) but I thought i'd pop in here as I don't think i'll get much chance to get on later.


It's been nice having Dave at home for the long weekends but to be honest i'm looking forward to things getting back to normal. Mainly Daniel being back at school when he's supposed to be, having Easter hols then him missing 2 mondays has really thrown me, I have to try and get everything done in an evening when he's gone to bed. I normally try and collate my Avon orders when he's at school on a Monday (I have to place my order on a Monday night) and sort out my books etc when he's at school on a Thursday ready for my delivery on a Friday but i've been having to sort my orders tonight then have some time away from my spreadsheets before bed (hence the late hour!)


I've posted a piccie of my crocheted shrug, i'm really pleased with it and I didn't find it as difficult as I thought I would, i'd like to make a cream one now :)


Currently making cards with sewn designs on them, I sewed a cat piccie yesterday to make in to a card for my cousin's daughter, I hope she likes it when it's done.


Well i'll say night night and maybe catch you later.


Take care x

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Morning buffy ..... Morning all .....


Well Mr Buzy was so pooped after his early start & triathlon yesterday that he was asleep by 9.30pm ....... I've been awake since before 5 so I've left him to sleep & snore .....


Not doing much today except a bit of decreasing & knitting of course .....


buffy - I've popped your shrug over onto the crochet section for you ..... It's a gorgeous colour .... well done :-)


Have a good day everyone whatever you're doing ..... See you later xx

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Well there are some early birds here!!

My little man was awake and up early as expected!!


no bank holiday here - so Mia off to Garderie and it will be just me and the little man this morning..


It was gorgeous weather at the Easter egg hunt yesterday - and I managed to catch the sun - not sure Mia enjoyed it she spent most of the time there stropping!!! My toddler is turning into the teenager Kevin already!!!


my hubby is away on a course all week - so it will give a few evenings to catch up on a few things..


I hope everyone has a good day...

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Well typical bank holiday weather here as it's raining! Still need to go to town as I've got to get my mum a birthday pressie amongst other things. Alexandra didn't do a sleep through encore last night as she woke up just after 4am then once back down she did sleep until 7.30am. Anyway hope to get another round (or two!) done on Ellie's top later. I'm slotting it in-between doing her cardi. It's all double-treble crochet stitches so I hope it won't take too long....


Buffy been and looked at your shrug and love it! I must admit I do forget to look in crochet section which is why I post my crochet makes in the FO section.

Buzy hope the decreasing doesn't take too long! You can soon be on the knitting then...

Michelle I think the Kevin stage lasts from toddlerhood well past the teenage years lol.

Goose you're more organised than me - have fun whatever you do.


Bye for now xx

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Afternoon all

Have had a mad busy weekend entertaining, so I'll be taking it easy today so i don't go back to work tired! Just had a yummy lunch of left over picnic food from yesterday (featuring my new favourite things...pickled onions and picallilli! mmmmmmmmmm) and will be cracking on with clothes for school dollies this afternoon at a quite liesurely pace. Got an easy dinner from the freezer for tea (trying to save money by eating out of the freezer this week)

Su2ie: hope you get plenty done on the top

Goose: fancy coming and doing som washing for me :D

Michelle: just think though, one day she will come out the other side as a well adjusted, lovely girl :)

Buzy: hope you manage to get your knitting finished

Buffy: hopefully you should be back to normal after this week :)

right, needles are calling me...

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Afternoon all


Thanks for moving my shrug Buzy, I was a little tired last night


Lovely and sunny but the wind is really cold


Having a good day so far. Daniel’s been helping daddy plant some veggies and some flowers in pots, he had a whale of a time; while they were doing that I manage to prick out patterns for 5 cards and sew the pattern on one of them.


Just finishing sorting my Avon then going to do some more sewing. Feels like I haven’t done any knitting for ages, been crocheting and now sewing.


Hope you’re all having a lovely day.


Take care

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