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Little Update from me

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morning all from my sick bed.


after around 3 months of morning sickness off and on, I have now fallen foul of a sickness bug - which is entirely different of course! I've not been having a particularly good time of it healthwise lately and didnt want to just come on posting "i'm ill again, how are you" especially when everyone has seemed to be so upbeat - and its not warranted the real life thread, as its not serious, is merely about being pregnant and the associated PITA stuff that goes with it. And, of course, this isnt a parenting forum its a knitting forum - and as i've not been into knitting very much I felt i had little to say - hence my silence. This is of course just in case anyone was wondering where i was :lol:


The boys are fine, Warwick is really enjoying school and is proving to be quite the performer, if their Easter parade is anything to go by - he really made his mummy and daddy very proud. We are growing more veg this year and have already had successes with seeds which I didnt think we would, so we are hoping for a summer of home grown loveliness - with the help of my wonderful DH of course, as i'll be whale -like by then.


I've tried to catch up on you all as much as possible, but dont really feel i have much to say at the mo. hopefully my chat will return soon.


To those of you who have kept to your word and kept in touch with me, either on fb or by text, thank you so much, it really has been appreciated.


Lots of love to you all - and a bit hello to our newer members!



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hey Giddyknits.


I'm a newbie here and have already picked brains about my knitty projects..


Good luck with the pregnancy.. I was one of the fortunate ones who didn't suffer morning sickness but suffered obstetric cholestasis in my 3rd trimester and it truly is awful.. So I have some idea of what you're going thr....


maybe you mojo for knitting will return soon but its always nice to hear from people even if they're not talking knitting.


Take care xxx

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Hi Giddy .....


Sorry you're feeling so poorly at the moment ...... Hopefully you'll be feeling very much better soon .....


Sounds like you'll be really having a taste of the Good Life when your veggies grow .........


Take care of yourself & the Giddybean ........... xxx

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Giddy where you are concerned its not out of sight out of mind but absence makes the heart grow fonder. You are a big miss. Hope you get over the sickness bug soon.

Nice to read about the Giddybean again, wow a mango!


Sounds like you have green fingers - you can't beat freshly grown veg.


Take care of yourself.


thats so lovely of you to say so Goose xx


I know, a Mango indeed! as for the poor soul hearing muffled sounds, the last 24 hrs havent exactly been soothing whale music for him/her, with me being so poorly sick!


am hoping nothing else nibbles my veg, a slug has eaten 2 of my sweet pepper plants - little &^%^*!


good to see your beading business is slow and steady - thats what wins the race!


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Hello Giddy! :-)


I knew about the ickyness from FB, but its lovley to see you on here again. If its a tummy bug proper then all I can suggest is cooled boiled water (sips of, of course) and dry toast when you can manage it. If you are feeling brave/strong the occasional rich tea biscuit might help. I know you are 'all gingered out' so I wont suggest that.....how about black tea with a little lemon?


And of course, good old echinacea, and/or dandelion root. Both help to cleanse the blood and might help you fight of the virus. Check you can take these while preggers as Im not sure. :-S


Good luck with the veg. Boo! about the slugs. Try raising the seed trays on a wire cake rack (the type you cool cakes on when they are just out of the oven - if you have one on fold out legs, all the better. Alternately crushed egg shells around the base of the pot., salt or you can get that copper tape you can stick round the pots. Apparently it gives the slugs an 'electric shock' so they dont like to go over it. Not used it myself, but Mum swears its good stuff


Take care and hope to see you back to your normal self again REALLY soon.

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