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Do you make your own envelopes?

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I don#t make my own envies - unless I want a really odd size. I buy card that I cut, and then buy envies.


Woollies used to do some packs of C6 (which A5 card foldedin half fits) Paper chanse do a nice pack of ribbed brown great for vintage and mens cards. My local stationers (Colemans) do Conqueror in cream white or blue and I use them a lot.


I also buy packs from The Works and also Trago Mills when I was that way. My local crafts shop Craftabiltiy in Poplars Nursery Toddington had loads of packs before Christmas at a good price.


Hobbycraft are a shocking price.

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I only make my envelopes if I have an awkard shaped card, or no envelope for it to fit into. Also if it is a special card, and needs a matching decorated envelope, these ones are normally hand delivered and not posted though!

I buy mine from Paper Mill Shop : http://www.thepapermillshop.co.uk/acatalog/envelopes.html , and they are such good quality, they use really thick paper, and feel a bit luxurious, and are not that expensive at all I don't think !


:wow: Ooooh and I have just noticed they have a sale on ! Even better ! 50 C6 envelopes for £4.00. Cool !

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