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Make Jewellery magazine - Issue 18 - October 2010 - 2 different versions????

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Hello everyone,


Thank you for drawing our attention to the problem with the Tesco exclusive version of Make Jewellery. We are checking into what happened and so far have managed to confirm that the barcode we were given for that version of the magazine was correct, and that our designers put the right version on the cover when we sent it to the printers. The problem seems to be at Tesco's end and we're waiting to hear what happened and how it will be resolved. As soon as we have more information, we will let everyone know - thank you for your patience and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible.


Best regards,


Melissa Hyland

Deputy Editor

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Thanks Melissa for attempting to sort this out.


I was just wondering, as it currently appears to be Tesco's fault, will they offer to replace the normal magazine with the Tesco exclusive version? As long as we pay the extra obviously!!! This would be great however, I have not kept the receipt for the magazine that I bought. It would be helpful if you could check what their stance would be in this situation?


Many thanks

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