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Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

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Hi all


I've been thinking about starting this thread for a while, actually ever since Knittaccino posted about her husband accusing her of alsorts as i'm not sure we had any kind of conclusion to that and sometimes with the daily thread, someone may be struggling with something real life (am thinking Buzy and her poor friends at the moment too) and it gets swallowed up with the general chit chat. No ones to blame, thats just how the daily thread works sometimes. When I was suffering my tragedy I chose to post separately and tell you all, but not everyone thinks like me (some would say thats a blessing!)


So, anything troubling you that needs our full attention, post it here and that way if anyone gives advice or has a vested friendly interest in what happens, we can trace it here much more easily than trying to trawl through 3 days of knitty natterings.



Hope no one minds i've taken the lead here, but it is something i've been thinking about for a while.


Me? well, thankfully all is quiet on the western front xxxx

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Good idea Giddy! I have wondered how Knitacino is too :-S


All okay here atm as well - providing my scan later goes okay - always a worry especially at my age!


am sure all will be fine su2ie, I worried about this scan too when i was same gestation, all will be well



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I was going to start a similar thread today Giddy, well done.

In particular reference to poor Buzy and her very ill friends, I sometimes find that to continue with the normal daily banter on the other threads is slightly insensitive iykwim, it can feel that by chatting away about normal things that we are not taking your feelings into account Buzy...and that couldn't be further from the truth xxxxxx

Great to have this thread, somthing similar to the positivity thread in a way, but more of a discussion and comment platform :)


Anyway, to kick off - I'd just like to re-iterate what everyone said yesterday, that I hope Rich gets some relief from his suffering and hopefuly if they still haven't a bed for him at the hospoice that they would at least assign him a hospice nurse for home. We will be going to the church today to light some candles and will include one for him and his family xxxxxx :)

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