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Independence Sunday!

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Liz I guess with aubergines you either love them or hate them :lol: Yep def don't want a holiday like that again!


Jennie roasted is good too and I do remember doing a recipe once that was for an aubergine pate where you had to roast it then scoop out the flesh but can't remember what else went in it!

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lol i will try and see what is to and experiment lol


here is a piccy of the stash from colinette :-)


3 bags of random bits and pieces of usually experimentle wool

1 ball of reduced similair to pount 5 which will be a small bag

1 ball of pount 5 in green to become a pixie hat when i figure the pattern out in my head


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Morning all!

I am a very hungover hatfull this morning: I went to bed at silly o clock this morning, which I havn't done for ages! had a lovely time last night, a really good giggle.

Jennie: the aubergine! Aubergines are my favourite, I have some good curry recipes, or roasting them, if you cut it into large chunks and then cover in cumin powder, corriander powder, a bit of garlic, bit of chilli powder, and give a good rub in olive oil (or cooking oil) but not too much or it'll be yukky. Aubergines absorb oil, so don't be worry if it all soaks in, and cook on a fairly low heat until soft.

Aubergine pate: cut in half, rub the cut sides with olive oil and crushed garlic (but don't stick the garlic in or it'll burn!) stick on a baking tray and cook cut side down until it's soft. Scoop out the flesh and mash up with some salt, pepper and lemon juice: or you can stick it in the food processor and blitz until smooth.

Su2ie: have a lovely lunch! I could seriously go a cooked breakfast this morning, which would be very naughty as I've not done enough exercise this week (no runs what with 1 thing and another) oh well, never mind. Crossing fingers over the hol. Our hol 3 years ago (camping) was a total wash out-no fun in a tent and the car got stuck in the mud. I sat and cried for a lot of that holiday, if I remember rightly!

Giddy: hope you've managed to get a nap in now.

Lizzie: I totally sympathise with the rubbish veggie food thing. When i was a veggie some years ago, it used to be (in general) veggie lasagna or nut roast wherever you went. :(

Right, off to do a little bit of work before sitting with my knitting!

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