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Totally topping Tuesday (don't you know)!

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Morning from the sunny South Coast too :-) Really bad night but need to finish my Folksy order to get in the post & then I've got some suit trousers to take in for my Thurs friend's son. He was given a suit but as he's 22 he wants the trousers to have skinny legs!!! Hope it wont take too long as I want to finish my shrug .... not much to do but been put on hold for these orders. Mind you it's too warm to wear it at the moment .........


Sharon - have a good day at work ....... knitting at lunch time?


k&f - you're very bright & breezy today........


Fi - hope all goes well looking after all those littlies ...


Carol - know how you feel .........


Giddy - bet you can't wait for the next few days :-)


Right off for some brekkie. Have a lovely day & don't forget the sun cream.........

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4 toddlers and a new-born Fi? Oo-er, rather you than me. You'll need to morph into an octopus! Good luck. :-)

Su2ie, just read your post from last night. Hope your scan goes well this afternoon. I'm sure it'll all be fine and presumably this is the first chance you get to see him/her? I don't know about these things, so guessing that's the case. :)

Carol, hope you feel better after your grotty night. Yoga always helps me feel a bit more human. Try stretching your arms above your head as you take a big breath in through your nose, then lower them slowly as you breathe out. I know it's only basic, but sometimes that's all I feel like doing if I've had a really bad night. :) <> coming your way! :-)


I'm out in the garden atm. It feels so very posh to be able to sit outside and chat to you lot. :lol: I guess I spent too many years on crappy dial-up with yards of cables running round the house! :red: :cheese: It's so peaceful out here. I scrubbed off the patio furniture before breakfast so we could sit out here (was covered in lilac tree :roll: ) and now OH has gone to work it's blissfully quiet except for a little background hum of everyone else going to work and all the birds. There's loads of birds round here. We're lucky to have some big fir trees at the end of the garden and there's definitely at least a blackbird nest in there and possibly some other sort. I'm slowly getting better at identifying different birds. Mog is sat in the opposite corner of the garden in the sun. He has a wash there after breakfast every morning before his daily snoozing. :)


Right, I'd better think about getting some work clothes on - still in my yoga stuff! - and maybe a spot of crochet before heading to work myself. They made me so angry yesterday, but I won't bore you with it here. Besides, it would take too long to explain. Suffice to say I had to sit outisde for 10 mins at one point whilst thinking of 10 reasons why I should go back in. I only got as far as 8! And I've given them the anger back - amazing how that works, but that's why I'm so calm about it. I didn't want to feel angry and upset, so I said in my head "here, have it back, I don't want it, it's yours" and it went away. I hope I don't sound too nutty, but it's worked a few times, so I'm doing it every time now and I'm almost immediately calm afterwards. :) Ooo, if only I can keep this lovely calm, chilled feeling all day - that would be bliss! :-P


See you all later. :coolsmile:

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morning all


well tioday seems another warm and sunny day


my comp is BF'in at me...wont load and wont do anything anytime soon so had to switch to OH comp which is just slow...hoepfully my mate will come and restore to factory settings and get rid of everythin unwanted on both comps today :-)


plannin on workin alone on my conclution to get an idea of what to do on thurs and maybe startin personal statement :-)


done my exersizes and the washin up...cant put wash on as wanted as its only half full


anyhu off to check facebook and see whats happening in maybe the soap world...ooo post is here

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Carol - in relation to the beach, while where we live is very rural, it is about an hour or hour and a half from everywhere! So that 's not too bad of a drive with small kiddies. Wel done you on surviving a weekend with 8 in the house :bug:

Hatfull - it's okay to eat processed food now and again :-) I admit I'm partail to McDonalds even though I have to go on my own as Sporticus hates it, and it's okay to have mimi swoons too :) I'm happily married but I have them regularly :lol:

Suzie - all the best for today, you are brave, I couldn't have a nuchal scan, just couldn't do it, deal with the consequences I mean.

Love2 - the appt went really well thanks, back in a month :)

K&F - croissants....mmmmmmmmmm ;-P You know I could do with adopting your 'anger management' tips when the boys are driving me scatty!!! :ahhh: :lol:

Giddy - hope it flies and looking forward to seeing you on here during the day over the next few days :)

Hi Jennie and everyone else to follow!


Great nights sleep here, everyone was totally wrecked from the beach yesterday. Must admit while the boys had a fab time Sporticus and I were a bit disapp with the wind, it didn't let up all day, and while it wasn't cold, it was a nuicance and made everything so much harder :smirk:


Be back later when I've managed to scale Mount Ironing which had appeared on the spare room floor :roll: ;-)

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Well I'm not totally up to speed on them either Goose, but as far as I know it's a fairly thorough scan that measures the folds on the back of the neck of the foetus. The thickness of the folds is an indication of whether or not the baby will be born with Downs Syndrome. If the folds are of a higher thickness than normal I think this indicates the likelyhood that the baby has the condition.

On a personal level I would prefer not to know, but it is purely a matter of choice, and I think it is more common in the UK. Also, I think it is more routinely offered/requested by women approaching/past 40. :)

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