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Huge Fund-Raising Appeal

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Hi All Lovely Ladies,


Just after Christmas time, I noticed that one of my neighbours and his wife and little boy had not been around at home for approximately 7 weeks and thought they were living the life of luxury and had gone on a grand holiday.


Turns out, this was not the case at all, but in fact they were living a nightmare that no parent would ever want to go through.


It all started just 3 days after Christmas when Jason (the dad) was making himself a cup of tea. The water in the kettle had just boiled, and he had poured it into the cup and turned around to get the milk out the fridge when 17 month old William grabbed the hot cup of water and pulled it down all over his left shoulder. His dad called 999 and an ambulance hurredly took him to hospital and treated him for severe burns.


It seemed to heal up pretty well (or at least so they thought) but exactly 2 weeks afterwards, he got an infection into the burn area. Having symptoms more of gastro-enteritis as opposed to toxic shock, the doctors incorrectly diagnosed this and sent him home.


3 days afterwards, little William was showing signs of severe toxic shock syndrome and got rushed to hospital with only a 10% chance of survival. During this admittance to hospital, the circulation in his left hand became so bad that he had to have all his fingers amputated beyond the 2nd digit.


On top of that, in order to keep his fluid levels high enough to keep him going, they had to insert a drip into his right leg but due to complete negligence they flooded the main muscle group in his right leg and it resulted in his leg having to be amputated above the knee.


When I spoke to William’s dad yesterday, he said that in 3 weeks time, William is to have yet another operation to insert his left amputated fingers inside his left hip in an effort to graft skin polyps to the ends of his fingers to try and ‘normalize’ his hand again.


As you can imagine, this story has more than hit me hard. It had me sobbing yesterday afternoon and left me wondering what I could do to help. I had already planned on doing a card and jewellery party or sale towards the middle of September and would just like to let you all know that I will be donating ALL of the proceeds to his parents to help with William’s care and medical needs.


This is the last thing on earth that any parent would expect to happen to their child, so my last request is that if any of you have any extra beads, or jewellery items that you are willing to send this way, or can help out with card-making goodies or completed cards then both of them would be extremely grateful for any financial help that they can get.


I’m hoping that between us all, we can help this little man to lead a normal life again and also to take the strain off of his parents.


Hugs to you all!


Michelle xxx .

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