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What size is yours?

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boris, thats really made me laugh - does bf's family have to buy extra crackers to get the hats?! :lol: bless ya x


actually warwick has a really big head, hes 2 1/2 but hats wise i have to get him 6-7 yr old - people keep saying the rest of him will catch up - i hope so otherwise his neck wont hold out and hopefully not overnight cos that could be quite a shock (the film Big springs to mind).


he's got 1 foot bigger than the other too, but the lady in the shoe shop said that will even out too.




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Oh bother, I forgot to measure! I'll try and remember to do so this evening. OH is out on the razzle so I'll have the place to myself. Supposedly that means less distraction, but to Miss Pea-sized Brain (well I am this week) that doesn't mean a thing! :lol:

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